Tourism Services

We are specialists in the tourism industry.

Our reputation around the world is built on high standards, fast response and efficient service. Whatever the Health & Safety issue, with IGI as your partner you have access to the best advice and the latest testing and analysis techniques.

Our tourism services include:

  • Inspections and audits - tailored or full - read more
    • Risk assessments - identify risks and build solutions - read more
      • Investigations - tackle incidents quickly and smoothly - read more
        • Swimming pools - from design to decontamination - read more
          • Water - ensure quality and safety with our special services - read more
            • Cruise - inspections and training for cruise liners - read more
              • Sustainable tourism - develop strategies - read more

                Inspections and Audits

                We can undertake full or tailored inspections for food safety and Health & Safety issues in hotels, restaurants and excursion venues. We operate to the Federation of Tour Operators (FTO) codes of practice, but also look at local legislation and practices. We have many years of experience in this field and have become the lead consultancy for the largest tourist carriers in the UK.

                Contact us to arrange a visit by one of our specialists.

                Risk Assessments

                Our inspectors can perform 'risk assessment' style audits of accommodation, pools, fire safety and other general areas to ensure the safety of your customers.

                Contact us for further details on the services that we offer.


                In the unfortunate case of an outbreak or incident, our team can undertake the necessary investigations swiftly and without fuss and put controls in place to prevent further incidents. We provide comprehensive reports that can be broken down into action plans and advisory bulletins. We can act as expert witness, provide legal statements and advise on litigation. We specialise in investigations of food and water borne illness, Legionella and accident analysis.

                If you would like further information then please contact us.

                Swimming Pools

                The safety of bathers is paramount and we have become one of the main consultants in this field. We offer advice on pool design, cleaning and maintenance, and also offer training in this field. We are the only company who can supply mass testing for pool contaminants (including Cryptosporidium) rapidly any where in the world. Our specialised testing and treatment equipment can be deployed quickly and many swimming pool incidents can be resolved without the need to close the pool.

                Contact us for further details or to arrange an appointment.


                We are specialists in the control, detection and prevention of water borne illness and pollutants, including Legionella, parasites and bacterial agents. Our specialised testing and treatment equipment can be deployed quickly and many incidents can be resolved while on site. We can also advise on water treatment for both potable and waste water.

                For further details or to book a site visit, contact us.


                We have specific knowledge of auditing and advising on food safety in cruise liners to meet United States Public Health (USPH) standards in accordance with the 'Vessel Sanitation Programme'. In addition, we can carry out training for your ship and shore based staff and create on-board hygiene policies to each vessel’s requirements.

                Sustainable Tourism

                Protecting the environment is a big priority for all tour operators today. Our experts can help you to fulfil your responsibilities and plan for the future. See the Sustainability section of our 'Environmental Protection' page for more information.

                Contact us for more information on our Tourism Services.

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