Occupational Health

Maintaining safe, healthy workplaces is just as important as preventing accidents.

Our services can help your organisation to unravel the regulations, protect your workforce, and investigate any incidents.

  • Stress management - training, assessment and advice
    • COSHH - full support
      • Noise - assessment, control and training
        • Asbestos - assessment and training
          • Manual handling - assement and training
            • Display screens - assement and training
              • Testing - from fumes to light levels

                Stress Management

                This is now a key priority in many companies. Managing stress in the workplace depends on good assessments and effective staff training to ensure that all the issues are well understood. We can provide detailed stress risk assessments for your staff and also assist in any individual cases where 'second person' involvement is needed. We offer stress awareness and management courses to all levels and these can be certificated.

                Please see Why Choose IGI to see how we can further help. For a full list of our training courses visit our training section.


                Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) obligations require businesses to perform assessments, develop controls, measure and analyse substances, and deliver the proper training to staff.

                We offer a full or tailored service in all of these areas. We can supply specific training courses on special substances including biological agents if required.

                Contact Us for further details.


                Excessive noise levels in the workplace are the source of many serious Occupational Health issues. We can help companies to comply with the Noise at Work regulations by undertaking detailed noise assessments, advising on noise control methods and delivering training.

                Contact us for further details.


                Our consultants manage asbestos removal plans, survey sites for contamination and train staff who may come into contact with the substance.

                We keep up to date with the latest guidance and regulations and can offer advice. Contact Us for further details or view our range of training courses.

                Manual Handling

                This is an increasing area of concern for some companies. IGI can carry out full risk assessments that comply with legislation and help develop controls that are both reasonable and practicable.

                We offer a range of manual handling training courses and these can be certificated. Contact Us for further details.

                Display Screens

                Employers in the UK have a statutory duty to undertake assessments where employees are using display screens.

                Our consultants offer experienced assessments that are based on practical solutions, at minimum cost to the company.


                We undertake a wide range of testing in the workplace, from lighting levels to measuring the presences of fumes, dust, gases etc.

                All our testing is done with the minimum intrusion and results are presented in detailed reports.

                Contact us for more information on our Occupational Health services.

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