Monday 7th March 2016

World Youth Day and the Holy Land

The World Youth Day project between Cosmos and the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference is in its final few months of preparation. IGI have been advising on the risk management of the Pilgrimage where 3000 youth members of the Australian Catholic church will be visiting Krakow in Poland in August 2016 for a celebration of youth and a mass by Pope Francis. One of the areas that some of the Pilgrims will visit prior to the event will be religious sites in Israel and Jordan. Ian Greaves, accompanied by Patrick Preiano and Jeff Daniels of Cosmos, carried out audits and training in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in February 2016 with a team from Amiel, its agents in the area.

IGI in Israel

We have worked closely with IGI Limited for several years.  They have taken time to understand our requirements and we have developed together policies and training that have enhanced our high standards and enthused our colleagues.

Colin May, Trading Law Technical Manager
ASDA Wal-Mart