Food Hygiene

Whether you are in manufacturing, catering or retail, food hygiene could make or break your business.

IGI can provide a complete service, from creating the right processess and training your staff, to supporting you through any incidents or investigations.

Our food hygiene services include:

  • Audit and inspection - 'Due Diligence' compliance - read more
    • HACCP - based on hazard analysis - read more
      • Training - bespoke and certificated - read more
        • Investigations - support after an incident - read more
          • Microbiological testing - foodstuffs and water - read more

            Audit and Inspection

            We undertake food inspections and audits for all types of business environments. We use internal policies or internationally recognised standards (ISO 9000/1 and FTO Code of Practice) that fulfil 'Due Diligence' requirements.

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            Our training programmes cover all areas of food safety and are available for all levels of employee, from senior management to front-line staff. Certificated programmes (including CIEH advanced, intermediate and basic food hygiene certificates, RIPH and RSH courses) are available and bespoke courses can be arranged to suit your organisation.

            See our training page for a list of our training courses.


            We are experts in making Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) easy to understand and use, with effective documentation and procedures designed for the exact requirements of the customer. IGI can implement, review and audit any HACCP system that a company has in place or needs to be reviewed. We can help any food operation to identify the key aspects of HACCP and develop the documentation and training needed to ensure it is effective and complies with any legislative requirements or quality procedures. See the 'Why Choose IGI?' page for details of our HACCP training courses.

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            Food poisoning allegations, EHO actions or litigation - incidents can happen in any food business. We can help by investigating the circumstances and assisting with evidence, documentation and by dealing with enforcement officers and litigation.

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            Microbiological Testing

            We can offer a complete and independent sampling and testing service, carried out on the same day to UK and European standards by our own UK qualified staff. Results, advice and control measures can be provided by our experts onsite that day and a written report will be sent within 24 hours. What can we test? Drinking water, bathing pool and sea water, food, showers and air conditioning units and most other environments. What can we test for? Specific pathogens like Coliforms, E. Coli, Enterobacteria, pseudomonas; Legionella; total viable counts (TVC) of bacteria in food stuffs; individual pathogens like E. Coli, Salmonella or Staphylococcus.

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